Afro Textured Hair Loss in Men

Compared to women, men with Afro Textured hair have fewer problems.  HOORAY! That is not to say that these men do not have hair loss and styling issues unique to tightly curled hair.  (If you have ever developed an infection from an ingrown hair then you will know exactly what I am talking about).  They are just not confronted with the extent of challenges the women face.  Shaving the scalp is an acceptable option and wearing it short and tight is also satisfactory.  Of course, men with Afro-Textured hair do indeed have genetic and other hormonal hair loss problems like Androgenic Alopecia and similar well known problems.

Afro Textured Hair Loss Treatments for Men

This leaves him with opportunities for both stopping the hair loss with medications and recovering the loss with surgical options.  Like women with Afro-Textured hair, the results of replacing the hair are very good because curly hair (and the scalp’s color match) usually leads to terrific results.  Newer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques may alleviate the problem, however the curly hair is more difficult to extract.  As with all men undergoing permanent hair restoration, acknowledging the ongoing hair loss must always be considered.  This is especially true for the younger man of color who desires a very low and straight hairline.