Afro Textured Hair Loss in Women

I am always excited with the opportunity to evaluate a woman with Afro Textured hair.  She is commonly wearing a wig or extensions and is quite shy about revealing her scalp and hair loss.  It is a personal matter and unmasking the problem to even a medical doctor may take extra courage.  Nonetheless, most women of color will benefit dramatically from medical hair restoration and reversing an undesirable appearance into one of natural beauty is very rewarding.

Causes of Afro Textured Hair Loss In Women

Discovering the cause of the loss and an accurate diagnosis is the first step.  African American women suffer from hair loss as a result of repetitive attempts to straighten and style the curly hair.  Whether the culprit is base cream relaxers, the hot comb or tight braiding, the persistent scalp stress may lead to scalp scarring and ultimately hair follicle death.  The disorders are called Central Centrifugal Scarring Alopecia (CCSA), Follicular Degeneration Syndrome, and Pseudopelade of Brocq.   These oft misunderstood and under diagnosed conditions are eminently treatable, once under the care of an experienced hair and scalp doctor.  Unfortunately, African American women are also subject to other hair and scalp maladies common to all women.  Autoimmune and other medical conditions can show up in the scalp causing hair loss.  Plus, a woman’s complex hormonal system can also cause problems after puberty, during pregnancy and around the time of menopause.

Treatments of Afro Textured Hair Loss In Women

Naturally we try to heal the underlying condition before transplanting or considering other reconstruction options.  On the other hand,  the good news is that surgically replacing curly hair follicles has some of the best results of any hair loss category.  Other types of hair loss respond well to medications and other techniques, but individuals with Afro Textured Hair Loss have excellent results with Surgical Hair Follicle Renewal.  Importantly, it requires technical precision and expertise, however the outcome is often superior.