Afro Textured Hair Loss & Follicle Decline

Afro Textured Hair Loss   |   Treating Afro Textured Hair Loss

Do I know a thing or two about curly hair?  That is me in 1983 as the 21 year old Captain of Picture1the Ohio State Buckeye football team.

My Experience Loosing My Curly Hair

You might call it an Afro, you might just call it kinky, curly hair (maybe not kinky).  When I was younger, I detested my own hair and wanted a straightening “perm”.  However, enough people told me I would come to appreciate my thick curly locks of hair, and so I somehow let it go.  Still, I was always looking for quick and easy ways to straighten my hair- with conditioners, blow dryers, styling creams and mousses.

That was Then.  Now, over 20 years later, I am OK with my hair.  However, a new problem surfaced… HAIR LOSS.  The thinning and balding of my own hair.  It has been a gradual process over several years.  I have tried several medications and had a nice hair transplant.  But, I sure do yearn for those tight locks of hair.  Yes,  I understand the plight of people with curly hair and  hair loss.

Dr John E Frank MD is a the Board Certified Alopecia and Hair Follicle Surgeon. After practicing hair loss medicine and surgery for over 15 years in New York and California he opened the Anapelli Hair Clinic in Manhattan and has treated thousands of people suffering from hair loss.  He has a strong interest in Afro Textured Hair Loss and reconstruction.

Afro Textured Hair Loss

When it comes to treating hair loss, Afro Textured hair can be both a blessing and also a hairedges.comcurse.  Why is that?  First, aggressive styling and straightening measures will permanently damage hair follicles.  Let me repeat that: Aggressive styling and straightening measures will permanently damage hair follicles.  I know this first hand,  I have treated many people with Traction Alopecia and other similar conditions.  It is not a mystery, there are no secrets.  The hair follicles are depleted.  The moment we accept that fact, we become prepared to do something about it.

Treating Afro Textured Hair Loss

On the other hand,  the good news is that surgically replacing curly hair follicles has some of the best results of any hair loss category.  Some other types of hair loss respond well to medications and other techniques, but individuals with Afro Textured Hair Loss have excellent results with Surgical Hair Follicle Renewal.  Importantly, it requires technical precision and expertise, however the outcome is often superior.