Hair Loss & Follicle Decline in Men

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One doesn’t have to look very far to see sensational hair restoration infomercials.   On one hand this marketing approach may help disseminate the wonders of hair restoration, but on the other hand, expectations must be kept realistic.  Hair loss treatments and surgical hair restoration can be miraculous at times, however the ongoing and the progressive nature of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) should be emphasized. The other thing that gets lost in this equation are all of the other causes of hair loss besides MPB and the myriad of interesting treatment options, both medical and non medical.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

Otherwise known as Androgenic Alopecia, this is clearly the most common cause of hair loss in men.  In fact, it may just be a normal part of the aging process.  In men, we rarely witness medical conditions causing permanent hair loss.  Scientists continue to make strides narrowing down the genetics behind the problem, but a discreet MPB gene has yet to be singled out. Many of the myths behind the decline of the male follicle have been dispelled and we have know that Testosterone plays a central role.

Fortunately the negative effects and follicle decline occur very slowly over many years. This gives young men the chance to try different remedies and to measure the results before landing at total baldness. (Actually the sides and the back never go bald).  So when you see Bruce Willis or somebody appearing completely bald, it is most likely because they shaved the sides and back of their scalp.  Complete baldness in men looks more like a horseshoe, with a rim of hair remaining above both ears and around the back.

Treating Male Patterned Baldness

In fact, if we are able to stop Testosterone’s metabolism in the scalp, then we can arrest stop the hair loss.  Dr John E Frank, MD is very experienced prescribing several different enzyme busting medicines such as Finasteride (Propecia) and Dutasteride. We may also try other medicines such as Spironolactone which simply blocks the hormones in the scalp entirely (Androgen Receptor Blocker).  Testosterone though is really just the surface of the problem as many other variables are involved (as well as helpful treatments).

For instance, some medicines such as Minoxidil (Minoxidil) can help skin and hair cells turnover more quickly and the same can be said for Low Level Laser Therapy which stimulates the hair follicle itself. But there is a critical balance and too much cell and follicle turnover can create problems such as excess dandruff, oils and ultimately inflammation which may diminish hair growth.  Fortunately, the inflammation can be treated effectively with topical therapies such as Biocapillation™ or other scalp cleansers and some over-the-counter shampoos.  Covering the problem with different hair styles, hair pieces and cosmetic camouflage products may also be an option.

Consult an Expert In Male Patterned Baldness for the Best Advice

And so with all of the widespread information and remedies available, a video conference or an in-person visit with a hair and scalp expert is priceless.  Along with the rest of the Hair Loss Communities, we are at the precipice of new therapies and technologies aimed at diagnosing and treating hair loss. Hair Cloning, Robotic Hair Restoration and Cell Growth Products are being actively explored and tested.  In time, some of these newer treatments may prove worthy of trying.