Afro Textured Hair Transplants

I am passionate about treating women with Traction Alopecia and damaged Afro-Textured hair, because of the potential for impressive results.  Men also have the potential for a profound improvement in their image and should consider the options.

Afro Textured Hair Transplant Benefits

The reason the final products are so good is for twofold:  Number one: each curly Afro Textured hair shaft covers and conceals far more bald scalp than a linear, straight hair.  That may not be apparent if you are losing hair, however on a large scale it means much thicker and more natural results than caucasian hair transplant.

Secondly, because the color of Afro-Textured hair and scalp is a closer color match, this also means the final results always look better.  Hands down.

Openly, there are technical differences with the execution of each procedure and careful approaches necessary with the design and planning.  But for the most part, I want to show you what can be done.