Hair Transplant Patient Testimonials

Hair Transplant Reviews From Our Patients

I have worked with John Frank, professionally, in a business relationship, and, together, we achieved excellent results. Overall, John is quite an inspirational character. However, my relationship with John, as a paying client of his hair restoration practice, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

During a time of great stress, when I was rapidly losing my hair, John provided counsel and performed a hair transplant procedure that has served me well for the past eight years. All who have had occasion to examine my scalp, including my dermatologist and hair stylist, have marveled at the work he performed.

As I am in an ‘image’ business, I am grateful for his care, diligence and skill that ultimately allowed me to keep my hair and hairline into my ’60s. A real confidence boost…thank you, John.

Michael Fineman

Owner, Fineman Public Relations

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how pleased I am with the hair transplant work you have done! Even my hair dresser, who has been cutting my hair for 6 years, did not know I had the procedure until I told him! Hope your son is doing well. Mark Engel, M.D.

I had a Hair Transplant procedure done by Dr. John Frank and he did an outstanding job. I had this done back in 2004 and have been extremely satisfied with the results. I have my real hair back and it’s a real confidence booster. I would recommend Dr. Frank to anyone without question. He is a master at his work and really takes the time for each patient to fully understand how the procedure works and what to expect during the new hair growth period. John G. Bowen

Director of Business Development, Match One Staffing

Dr. Frank is the most professional, talented and caring physician I know. His skills are incredible and his bedside manner is like no other. The results he provides are life-changing! Diane Parker

Key Account Manager, Abbott Laboratories

Dear Dr. Frank,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you and your team did on my hair restoration.

From the first day I walked into your offices, you and your support staff exceeded my expectations. Michael Petroglia showed great patience and empathy while we spoke, and I think you are very lucky to have him working in your office. Your surgical team were kind, considerate, and made me feel at ease during the whole procedure.

Lastly, your surgical skills are quite remarkable, and everyone I come into contact cannot even believe I had surgery. As a realtor, I come into contact with many people. In fact, at a recent real estate closing my customers asked me where I had my surgery done, and I recommended you as a hair transplant surgeon.

Thank you.

Warm regards

David Berg

Dear Dr. Frank & Staff
I am writing to thank you you again for the my significant improvement in my hair. It looks great and it is also age-appropriate hair so it looks completely natural.

I was so busy with questions, etc., that I didn’t’t feel I showed adequate appreciation when we met. Hope you had a good time in the Adirondacks!


Erik M. Jaffe

Dear Dr. Frank,

Just a note to say thanks for the great results! Hope to see you soon!

Rodney Kim

I want to tell every potential patient that ‘Dr. Frank’ and the staff are the best people. You made the right choice. I just turned 28 today. The best birthday gift that I came to him on June 12, 2011 for my last transplant.

P.S. This is for the patient you are working on today & everyone else you deal with. Thank you for giving me my confidence & happiness back doc.


I was a patient of Dr. Frank’s in 2006. He and his staff were thoughtful, experienced, considerate, and thorough. I am very pleased with the results. Joe Straton

President, Stanford Energy Systems

Hi Dr. Frank

Thought you’d be interested in a photo of the finished hair transplant process.

J. Joei

Hi Dr. Frank

Celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in Los Vegas with my new hair transplant!

Joe Burns