PRP Therapy with plasma

PRP Therapy Men and Women are Regrowing Hair with Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as Plasma Therapy or just PRP Therapy is a method of hair restoration appreciated for its very natural looking results. While PRP technology has been extensively used and trusted in the medical community for over 20 years for wound healing, Plasma Therapy for hair growth is really a very exciting, state of the art technology that is suitable for both men and women. It’s the non-surgical, natural alternative to invasive medical procedures. It works with your body’s natural desire to produce hair and your own blood does the rest. Don’t let hair loss ruin your life and steal your happiness. You have options.

How PHP Therapy Works

Step 1 – Blood will be drawn in the office.

Step 2 – This blood will then be introduced to a centrifuge, which spins the blood rapidly, separating its various components.

Step 3 – The PRP can then be removed from the rest of the blood.

Step 4 – Local anesthetic, called a nerve block, is administered to the scalp to avoid pain.

Step 5 – A very thin needle is then used to inject the PRP into the scalp.

Your blood cells respond by nurturing the scalp and naturally stimulating hair growth. The procedure is relatively quick and because there is no sedation or risky medications, you are not prohibited from driving after the procedure.

Why it Works

Human blood is filled with mesenchymal stem cells, and autologous blood products that contain specific growth factors that facilitate the natural healing and restoration process. When concentrated, these growth factors have an improved ability to stimulate follicles so that hair grows.

The Proof?

In initial clinical studies, those injected showed near complete hair regrowth, a significant contrast to the control group. However, as will many procedures, the results can vary and its effectiveness cannot be assured in each situation. It is a promising option for those who suffer from hair loss, especially those with androgenic alopecia who either cannot use other treatments or do not respond to them.

PRP Therapy is an emerging non-surgical alternative. And while the technology is trusted and safe, it is still being studied to determine efficacy on certain patients, most effective dosages and application methods. If you have been struggling with hair loss or thinning hair and nothing works, this may be the procedure that you have been waiting for. Although few controlled studies have been completed at this time, they are very promising.

One such study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery found that those receiving the injection over a 3 month period saw a gain of 22 follicular units per cm2 between the 3rd and 4th treatment. A small number of those in the study did not see the same positive results, which is typical.

According to medical experts, “PRP injection is a simple, cost effective and feasible treatment option for androgenic alopecia, with high overall patient satisfaction.”

Are You Experiencing Hair Loss?

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s important to talk to an expert to find the right treatment for your condition. Schedule an appointment to talk to Dr. Frank today to see if this may be the right treatment for you.

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