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Hair Transplant / Surgical Hair Restoration Q&A

How long do hair transplant results last?
A very common question is are transplants a permanent solution for hair Loss? The short answer is — yes, transplants are permanent. However, many factors affect hair transplant outcomes, and not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant.

Which is the Best Hair Transplant? Follicular Unit Extraction or Strip Harvesting?
This questions comes out thinking there is a bigger difference between FUE (or “follicular unit extraction”) and strip harvesting then there really is. Both are highly similar ways of permanently transplanting hair from an area of the scalp that has hair to an area that has lost it, but both are excellent methods of transplanting hair. There are differences between these two techniques, but those difference have much to do with addressing the needs of different types of hair loss sufferers.

Can A Hair Transplant Fail Years After Having A Hair Transplant?
How well do hair transplants work? What are some of the common problems & is there such a thing as hair transplant failure?

What Does a Hair Transplant Cost & Why Does It Cost What It Costs?
It’s important to understand how hair transplants are priced in the hair replacement industry to get the best value for your money.

Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment Drugs Q&A

Can DHEA cause hair loss?
DHEA is often touted as a wonder drug that restores youth and vitality, but many people worry that it can cause hair loss. If you’re talking DHEA, should you be worried about hair loss?

What’s the latest word on Propecia (Finasteride) & Sexual Side Effects in Men?
There’s definitely a lot of worry & concern in some men out there, but the evidence to date suggests the level of worry is overblown. While a very tiny proportion of users have experienced problems, the vast majority of users have not.

How Effective Is Propecia? When Should You Start Taking It?
Read what a placebo-controlled, double blind NIH study found about Propecia’s effectiveness in combating hair loss.

Can Zoloft & Other Antidepressants Cause Hair Loss?
It’s bad enough to be depressed. Now research suggest that Zoloft & other antidepressants can cause hair loss but fortunately, if hair loss occurs, it is rarely permanent.

How I Can I Tell If My Female Hair Loss Is Permanent or Temporary?
In this article we try to give women some general guidance to help them assess the severity of their hair loss. Featured on the health news site

Can You Slow or Prevent Age Related Hair Loss?
In this article we lay out an effective defensive strategy against age related hair loss.

Hair Care & Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment Q&A

What is Hair Breakage & How Can You Help Prevent It?
In this video Dr. Frank talks about the basic bio-mechanics of healthy hair and how environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies can damage your hair.

What are the latest research & findings about female hair loss and treatment?
In this article I discuss some of the latest research findings concerning female hair loss, specifically a new finding that suggests hormone replacement therapy may exacerbate hair loss in some women.