Super Bowl

By Dr. John Frank, M.D. | IAHRS, ABHRS, ISHRS, AHLA, XM Radio: ‘The Bald Truth’, NYC, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl!  How could the Anapelli web site not have a blog just about the game itself!  After all, I did play in two of these crazy games and have two enormous keepsake rings to prove it.  And of course the lifelong friendships I have earned along the way.

Back in 1988, Steve Young and I were roommates sharing a beautiful piece of property in Los Gatos, California and Harris Barton would frequently come and stay with us on our free days off from training.

The downtown area of the town of Los Gatos, Ca...

The downtown area of the town of Los Gatos, California.

Tom Rathman was raising a young family and the Forty Niners were a team in transition.  Joe Montana was the starting quarterback, but Steve was the heir apparent to the coveted position.  The defense was awesome and some of the players we had either traded away and lost were better than most of the other teams best players (see Hall of Fame End Fred Dean).   Of course, the owner of the team-Edward DeBartolo was a very generous leader and had us positioned to vie for the title.

The game was in Miami and the Bengals were big underdogs but they came to play and they came to win.  Fortunately, in the end we outplayed them and won the Lombardi Trophy.  This was great because it allowed me to retire and jump full time into medicine and begin my next career.  So, 25 years later, I’m able to fondly look back and remember the day, my friends and a short career in the NFL.

Since then, although I may be much more anonymous, I’m certainly doing something with lasting appeal. And in the hair loss world, where I encounter tons of vulnerable men and women suffering about their hair loss or the conditions of their scalp, I”m able to give them helpful advise.  Some people benefit from a hair transplant, others I have to advise them otherwise.  So it can be really rewarding, especially when I do restore someone’s youthful appearance- or even just give them a few more years back.


Dr John Frank, MD

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