Tip #10 Hair Transplant Financing: Go for the “No Interest Option”

Tip 10 OF 10 To Insure You’ll Get The Best Hair Transplant Procedure:

Hair Transplant Financing: Go for the “No Interest Option” and Don’t Pay for Anything Else

By Dr. John Frank, M.D. | IAHRSABHRSISHRSAHLAXM Radio: ‘The Bald Truth’, NYC, July 24, 2013

Most hair transplant offices offer multiple ways to pay for the procedure and everyone expects full payment prior to be beginning the procedure.  Amongst the different number of financing options, one choice is a “no interest” plan.  This does appear to make sense on the surface; however, the doctor’s office is the one who ultimately will be paying the bank fees and interest.  So if you choose any of the “no interest” plans, make sure for your greatest VALUE that the doctor’s office is not tacking on any additional fees or charges.

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