Embarrassed By Your Hair Loss

Are You Embarrassed by Your Hair Loss? Here’s What to Do

A common misconception is only men suffer from hair loss. For many reasons, women also develop this problem. Regardless of your gender, hair loss can cause a lot of embarrassment.

The truth is that more than 30 million American women suffer from hair loss. Once hair loss begins, it can prove to be a traumatic experience. However, such a condition should not become a cause for embarrassment because there is a number of treatments that can help you overcome your hair loss problem.

Talk to an expert

The first step in treating hair loss is to consult an expert. Get your condition properly diagnosed from a qualified doctor. Once your condition has been diagnosed, you can then ask for a suitable treatment.

Having an expert diagnose your condition ensures you won’t need to spend money on products that are ineffective.

Tailor your diet

Second, you need to tailor your diet. Be sure to cut out unhealthy foods and instead, you should make an effort to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious.

When your hair follicles receive the right kind of nutritional substances, they will become healthy and they will be less likely to fall away. Be sure to include fatty acids and iron as well as silica and biotin plus some zinc in your diet.

Consume more iron

Third, you need to increase your intake of iron. Deficiency in iron is the leading cause of hair loss. Iron helps by binding ferritin, which is the protein that helps to produce hair cells.

Deficiency in iron also reduces the growth of your hair. It therefore makes sense for you to load your diet with plenty of iron, which is available from dark leafy vegetables.

Use the best haircare products

Buying the right haircare products can also help you deal with your hair loss problem. The right shampoos and conditioners help to thicken your hair strands. They also help to stimulate fresh growth of hair.

A good scalp massage brush can also help you overcome your hair loss problem by improving flow of blood to your head.

Hair Restoration

Give hair restoration a shot. Though this is a solution that is primarily aimed at helping women overcome their hair loss, men can also think about using hair restoration. This won’t cure their baldness but it will help stop your hair loss.

Hair loss transplant

A hair transplant is a good way of dealing with male pattern baldness. This is a solution that works well for women and men who suffer from advanced hair loss where their follicles are not active for the past two to seven years. if done properly, hair transplants can help you cope with baldness.

The good news is that this solution does not hurt. All you will feel is some discomfort, which is mainly because you will need to spend quite a few hours in the chair.

Once the hair transplant is completed, you may experience mild pain but you won’t need to take any painkillers to deal with this pain, which is quite mild. Also, the back of your head will be scarred but this can be hidden under your hair.

Last but not least, be prepared to wait for between 3 and 4 months for results to show up.

Experiencing Hair Loss?

For more information about either follicle unit extraction or follicle unit transplantation, contact Dr. John Frank, M.D.

Dr. Frank has offices in both New York and Ohio and has performed thousands of hair transplants. Dr. Frank can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and talk to you about your treatment options.