What Wikipedia Cant Tell You About Hair Loss

What Wikipedia Cant Tell You About Hair Loss

It is but an undeniable fact that there is nothing worse than hair loss, obesity and other diseases can be treated and the causes are mostly known but when it comes to hair loss, you just don’t know what to do.

Hair loss can be caused due to various reason and don’t worry because no matter what the reason is, we’ve finally found a way out to treat baldness.

Reason of Hair loss

Inheritance – One of the major hair loss comes from genes and it is inherited. Many people are unaware of this fact and they try different remedies but something that is inherited cannot be simply changed.

Lack of Protein – You thought that different hair growth sprays and oils can do the magic of hair growth but that was not the actual problem. People lose hair die to lack of protein too and obviously in order to fix this issue you have to consume some protein in your daily meals.

Emotional Stress – Not many of you know that stress not only affects a person mentally in fact it can cause hair loss too! Mental stress leads to physical stress and that also puts stress on your head which leaves you with hair shedding.

Hormones – Hormonal changes specially in woman can cause some serious hair loss. Again, there is no particular way that you can treat the hormonal issue however consuming certain vitamins may do the trick for you.

Above, we’ve mentioned a few major causes of hair loss but as said earlier, there is no specific guaranteed medicine that can help in hair growth, however there is one way that has been successful over the years.

Yes, we are talking about Hair Transplant, it is the best way out to treat baldness!

Is Hair Transplant worth it?

It’s a surgery where the hair you already have gets moved to your head and the space where you have no or very thin here gets filled up. This surgery has been practiced for a long time now and it started in the year 1950.

There are no special side effects to it however the benefits are enormous! We all know the fact that technology has taken over the world and that is why hair transplant has now also grown to a whole another level.

There are different ways of hair transplant introduced now and there are now certain injections to that trigger hair growth on the head.

The issue of baldness is now increasing on a rapid pace and there are a lot of cases in the world where people are depressed mostly because of their hair loss.

As much as the problem is increasing, the surgeries are also increasing in number and now there are so many hair transplant clinics opening up just to treat hair loss. Hair transplant is just like a blessing in disguise, it Is safe and till now there are no special side effects seen of it.

So, in case you are worried about your hair and no medicine or vitamin is working on you, try getting your hair transplanted and you definitely will feel younger and happier than before!

Experiencing Hair Loss?

For more information about either follicle unit extraction or follicle unit transplantation, contact Dr. John Frank, M.D.

Dr. Frank has offices in both New York and Ohio and has performed thousands of hair transplants. Dr. Frank can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and talk to you about your treatment options.