hair loss sucks

Why Hair Loss Sucks and How Can Take Care of it?

Hair Loss sucks! It really does. There are simply no two opinions about that. Just when you think you have got your life together; you have left behind the uncertainties of your twenties, overcame the financial instabilities, worked hard enough to establish a smooth life setup and it is finally time to move on and enjoy life you get stuck into this whirlpool of hair loss trauma.

Hair loss is depressing and frustrating at all ages and there really is nothing you can do to stop it. Well, maybe you can do a few things to stop it or reverse your hair loss but we will talk about them a bit later.

If hair loss at a certain age runs in your family, it is in your genes and you will more likely suffer from it too no matter what supplements you take or how exotic hair potions you spend your money on.


The Aftermaths of Hair Loss

No matter you start losing your hair at the age of 21 or 40, hair loss makes you so much self-conscious, it is not even funny. People stop socializing, they even have a hard time looking at their own reflection in the mirror and come in to terms with the fact that they are gradually going bald. It is a nightmare really.

When you first start losing hair, going out, meeting people actually becomes a nightmare. It looks like every person you meet is looking at your hair. Of course they are not thinking about your thinning hair, but you are, and that does not make it any easier either.

Is there Any Real Solution for Hair Loss?

What is the solution then? Can hair loss be stopped? Is there any real solution for hair loss? Can you actually stop hair loss and restore your hair?

These are the questions that would linger your mind if you are facing troubles with your hair.

Fortunately, the answer for all these are YES. Yes, you can restore your hair. Yes, you can get back your by hair transplantation or by choosing a valid medical hair restoration process.

Is Hair Transplant worth it?

This brings us to our next set of questions. Is hair transplantation safe? Is hair transplantation painful? Is hair transplantation worth it?

You would not believe there are still people who freak out at the thought of hair transplant even though it has been proven to be the most successful medical procedure to take care of hair loss or pattern balding in men.

During the process of hair transplantation, healthy hair follicles are taken from other parts of body and transplanted on the thinning or balding area. This is one of the most long lasting and effective solution to cater hair loss problems.

Sure, you may need to spend some time and effort to go through the procedure but the results you achieve with it in terms of a boost in your self-confidence and overall positive body image is so worth it.

Experiencing Hair Loss?

For more information about either follicle unit extraction or follicle unit transplantation, contact Dr. John Frank, M.D.

Dr. Frank has offices in both New York and Ohio and has performed thousands of hair transplants. Dr. Frank can help you determine the cause of your hair loss and talk to you about your treatment options.