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About John Frank, MD

Dr John Frank, MD is a board certified Hair Follicle, Scalp and Hair Restoration Surgeon. He specializes in FUE, FUT, Eyebrow and Hair Restoration in individuals with Afro Textured hair.

He has offices in New York and Ohio.

Dr John Frank, MD is formerly known as the starting tight end in Super Bowl 23 with the San Francisco 49ers.

Learn more about Dr Frank at the Hair Transplant Network and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Dr.John Frank's Blog
How to Stop A Receding Hair Line?

How to Stop A Receding Hair Line?

If you are beginning to notice your hairline receding a bit, you might find your confidence shrinking right along with your hairline. You are not alone if your receding hairline causes you to feel self-conscious. A European study examined the impact of ha[...] Read more...

Is it Too Late for Hair Restoration Surgery When You are Bald?

Is it Too Late for Hair Restoration Surgery When You are Bald?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the hair restoration industry is once men are bald the time has passed to consider restoration procedures. The truth is many men who believe they are excluded from hair restoration surgery can actually undergo successf[...] Read more...

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Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. John Frank, and I support my clients in regenerating hair in safe, efective, and proven procedures.

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